Jody Williams 

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Jody founded "Prostitutes Anonymous" on August 15, 1987.   This was a 12 step program for men, women and transgenders to get help to leave any part of the sex industry whether trafficked or not.  To take incoming calls - a hot line was started to take calls from all over the world from anyone, anywhere, who wanted help for themselves, or someone else, that didn't know where to start.

In 1995, the internet was born.  Now members were coming into the program who were not having physical intercourse for money - but who were in the sex industry.  Also, adult filters were blocking the word "prostitute".  Since many looking for help were on computers in public libraries, they were being blocked from finding the program.  The only solution was to change the name to "Sex Workers Anonymous".  Some meetings however have been running since pre-1995 - so some of the older meetings still call themselves "Prostitutes Anonymous".   You can reach SWA at

As sex trafficking increased - so too did the demand for services that went above and beyond the 12 step structure.  In Alcoholics Anonymous, when they hit this point in their growth - they founded the National Council on Alcoholism, then the National Council on Drug and Alcohol Addiction, etc. 

This led to the founding of "Trafficking & Prostitution Services".  TAPS assists in projects that reach beyond what one is allowed to do in a 12 step structure without violating their "traditions" including organizing "rescue" missions in the USA.  Jody produces and hosts a radio show which can be heard at

Finding that family members and loved ones needed a place where they could find guidance and support - Jody co-founded SWAN

Finding that a lot of research was being "bought" or skewed, as well as connected media and news also being manipulated to fit economic and political agendas - the need arose for research on the subject of prostitution and sex trafficking that was scientific and not being colored by who paid to have it done.  The best way to do this was to take existing research and have it reviewed by someone without a financial, political, or religious agenda.  This led to the birth of the "American Trafficking Institute" for this research and reviewing.

Seeing that people were getting ripped off by private investigators, jerked around by law enforcement, Jody set up the services at knowing that most people don't understand the world of sex trafficking.  People don't fix their own cars because they don't know how they run.   A shady car mechanic can take advantage of a customer this way - through a lack of knowledge.  The same thing was happening in the trafficking world - loving parents and concerned spouses were being taken for rides by private investigators. 

After watching sex trafficking in the USA for well over 30 years, and it's connections with our own government through watching how it was a part of Iran Contra - Jody started learning the connections between the corruption of our legal system which also governs things like the food we eat, the water we drink, and the way people are being funneled into our prison system.  People who sell people don't mind selling us poisons to eat, drink, smoke or breathe.  The media has been covering up a lot of things - all using the same tactics whether it's the truth about vaccines, suppressing medications and inventions that work, or lying to us about how they're using the subject of trafficking to invade countries that have no "weapons of mass destruction".  Because we're having the media, our government, politicians, etc. all "urinating on our leg and saying it's rain" - Jody started a blog/newsletter at to analyze the media and to get the truth out as best as possible. 

Jody also does private consultations, writes books, and also does freelance writing.  She is also available as an expert witness on cases involving prostitution and/or sex trafficking as well as it's connections with organized crime and for interviews on TV, radio, and print.   Script consultations are also available for those seeking "realism".